Saturday, 19 January 2013

Vellore Pallikonda PHC Center Cleaning Activity

Dear Team!
19th of January 2013 today done a Cleaning activity was done by Ekam and Pallikonda Govt Boys Hr sec School NSS Students Team @ Vellore Pallikonda PHC Center .10 NSS Students had done really a good work by cleaning up Activity. We got appreciations from the Hospital authorities. We have completed 1/2 days of Clean up drive at Pallikonda PHC.
            Our beloved faculty and Dr.Vengatalakshmi ,Elangovan Health Inspector participated with us throughout the Cleaning up drive. Our friends participated well and gave us support good.

Friday, 18 January 2013

Ekam has got the official permission from NRHM

Ekam has got the official permission from NRHM- National Rural Health Mission for appointing Nurses in 37 Medical College Hospitals and District Head Quarters Hospitals in the entire State and Monitoring all the 45 Sick Newborn care units(SCNU) established in the State for reducing the Neonatal Mortality Rate as a part of Public Private Partnership initiative .

We have partnered with various NGOs like NDSO( Networking and Development Centre for Service Organisations), TNVHA( TamilNadu Voluntary Health association) , TN Forces and other NGOs who share the visions of our organization.  

We are proud to say that, with the help of our Donors, staff at ICH, doctors, nurses, NGO-partners, and various other stakeholders we have reached out to more than 1200 children needing hospitalization support.
We wish to continue our work seamlessly and tirelessly to save more children’s, infants who deserve better life for the sake of the community, the state and the nation.

About Ekam Foundation

Ekam Foundation (Ekam) is a non-profit organization engaged in providing timely and quality healthcare for the newborn infants of poor and vulnerable communities in government hospitals of Tamilnadu State in Southern India. 

Ekam was formally inaugurated on Doctor’s day July 1st 2007 as a Community Pediatric Project of CIOSA (Confederation of Indian Organisations for service and Advocacy) which is the CSR initiative of Mafoi foundation, Chennai.

Ekam Foundation spun off as separate organization in August 2009. We are also happy to inform you that Ekam changed into a Public private partnership model by joining hands with the government health department on 14th Nov, 2008.

We are basically working for the health care of underprivileged children in Tamilnadu, India.

We admit poor children in private hospitals with whom we have networked and reimburse the subsidies given by them. We bring in support for the hospitalization (secondary & tertiary care) of the children admitted in Private Hospitals and also support Government Hospitals by renting ventilators, providing lab support & medicines for the children with special healthcare needs. A child by definition for us is below 19yrs.

We have partnered with another NGO, Disha foundation and have now come up with a health assurance model called Paripoorna Bala Suraksha ( PBS) which is a Comprehensive Pediatric Health Coverage for very poor children in Chennai, Thiruvallur and Kancheepuram.

At EKAM we believe in our core value “Right to Health for Every Child”. The visions which we share are very much in built by the hearts and souls of our organization.

The mission of EKAM is that No child should be refused health care because of financial constraints, and no parent should feel guilty of not able to give adequate health care & no doctor or hospital should feel guilty of refusing patients because of financial constraints to provide every child, regardless of his/her financial means.

We aim to provide a high quality, comprehensive, continuous health care, delivered in a respectful, caring and family centered environment. Our vision is carried out in collaboration with local communities, other state agencies, organizations and individuals concerned with the health and well-being of infants, children, mothers and adolescents at Village level, Block level and District level.

The starting point for all these activities starts with our very dedicated, enthusiastic personnel, staff who we call them as The RO’s, our Regional Officers who are committed to improve the pregnancy outcomes especially infant mortality, fetal deaths, and low birth weight and decrease disparities by Referrals/ Follow ups, organizing Health camps, Awareness programs at village, Panchayat &district level, and also facilitate training programs to Volunteers, Self Help Groups etc.