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Success story
Sep 2013

5.5 years
Medical Problem
Kawasaki Disease

Case Background

Master Arun is the son of Mr. Subramaniam, a farmer who earns around INR 7000 a month. His mother is a house wife. Arun was diagnosed with Kawasaki Disease, also known as the lymph node syndrome. Kawasaki Disease is a medical condition in which medium-sized blood vessels in the body become inflamed. This condition is largely seen in children less than five years of age and affects several organs, mainly those including the blood vessels, like the skin, mucous membranes and lymph nodes. However, its rare but most serious effect is on the heart where it can cause fatal coronary artery aneurysms in untreated children. This medical condition can be cured by a life saving drug IVIG (Intra Venous Immunoglobulin) which costs about INR 9700/ 5gms.

Ekam’s Involvement

Master Arun needed a total of 32gms of IVIG for his treatment. Though the treatment for this medical condition is available freely at government hospitals, the drug is not available at all times. Dr. Seetha, who is the consultant for Arun, contacted Ekam regarding this case. We immediately arranged for the required quantities of IVIG from our funds. The timely intervention saved Master Arun’s life and helped his speedy recovery.

Current Status:

Master Arun is completely cured and is living happily with his family.  

Ekam Contact:

Name                          : Mr.Charles Robin
Designation                 : Patient Welfare Officer.

Telephone Number     : 7299002848

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