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Success story
Mohammed Zaki
Nov 2010

Mohammed Zaki
3 years
Medical Problem
Breathing Problems

Case Background

Mohammed Zaki was born of 22nd of August 2010 and is the son of Mr. Kathir Ahmed and Mrs. Wasunisa. Mr. Kathir works as a laborer in a leather factory and earns INR 5000 as monthly income. He is the sole bread winner of the household. At birth, Zaki was diagnosed with a respiratory medical condition and was admitted at the Kanchi Kamakoti Child Trust Hospital on the 25th of August 2010.  The baby needed extended ventilator support. The parents borrowed money and pawned jewels to gather INR 3, 00, 000. They were able to recover the child from a critical condition but were no longer able to afford the extra ventilator care that the child needed.

Ekam’s Involvement

After learning about Ekam, through a consultant, the parents came to our office and asked for help to meet the medical expenses of their child. After verifying the family condition of the patient, we accepted their request and sponsored three months of ventilator support and hospitalization charges for the child. The total cost came up to INR 1, 44,192 which was borne by Ekam. 

Current Status

Zaki is now three and half years old and living happily with his family.

Ekam Contact

Name                       : Mr.Charles Robin
Designation              : Patient Welfare Officer.
Telephone Number    : 7299002848

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