Friday, 24 January 2014

Success Story
March 2012

5 years
Medical Problem
Guillain Barre Syndrome

Case Background

Girija is the five years old daughter of Mr. Sankar and  Mrs. Kalaiyarasi. Mr. Sankar is a farmer who earns about INR 250 a day in wages. When Girija was four years old, she was admitted at the Trichy Government Hospital due to difficulties in breathing and walking. The doctors suspected Guillian Barre Syndrome and recommended IVIG, the only medicine for curing this condition. Though IVIG is available free of costs at government hospitals, the drug is out of stock sometimes. The drug is very expensive when purchased from a pharmaceutical store.  

Ekam’s Involvement

The doctos contacted Ekam regarding this case. We closely work will all government hospitals in Tamilnadu and so the doctors in most of the government hospital know about our foundation. Without delay, we arranged for the drug and Girija was properly cured. The cost of medication, which amounted to INR 54000, was paid through Ekam Emergency fund.

Current Status

Girija  is now cured and living happy with her family.

Ekam Contact

Name                          : Mr.Radhakrishnan
Designation                 : Divisional Manager.

Telephone Number     : 9345988299

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