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Success story
May 2009

4 years
Medical Problem
Atrial Septal Defect
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Case Background

Muthuselvi is daughter of Mr. Murugesan and Mrs. Maheswari.  Murugesan works as a casual laborer at a stone quarry and earns INR 200 per day and Maheswari is house wife. Muthuselvi was born on the 15th of March 2009 at Virudhunagar Government Hospital. At birth, she was diagnosed with Atrail Septal Defect (ASD), a form of congenital heart defect that enables blood flow between the left and right atria of the heart. Normally, the right and left atria are separated by a septum called the interatrial septum. If this septum is defective or absent, then oxygen-rich blood can flow directly from the left side of the heart to mix with the oxygen-poor blood in the right side of the heart or vice versa.This can lead to lower-than-normal oxygen levels in the arterial blood that gets supplied to the brain, organs, and tissues. However, an ASD may not produce noticeable signs or symptoms, especially if the defect is small.

The child was treated at a local clinic and was advised to immediately undergo an open heart surgery. But the parents, who were uneducated and not aware of the avenues available for treatment, did not take any action for some time.  

Ekam’s Involvement

Ekam Foundation had conducted health camp at Virudhunagar in partnership with Sornammal Education Trust. Muthuselvi, who had attended this camp, was immediately taken to MIOT hospital where she underwent an open heart surgery. During her hospitalization, Ekam helped her parents to reclaim the cost of the surgery through Kalainar Kapittu Thittam(KKT).

Current Status:

Muthuselvi is now five years old and is living happy with her family.

Ekam Contact

Name                          : Mr.Radhakrishnan
Designation                 : Divisional Managers
Telephone Number       : 9345988299

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