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Success story
May 2009.

15 years
Medical Problem
Congenital torticollis to left side
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Case Background

Ramalakshmi is 15 years old daughter of Mr.Muniyasamy. She was born with the diagnosis to have Congenital toticollis at the left side of neck. Congenital muscular torticollis, also called twisted neck or wryneck, is a condition in which an infant holds his or her head tilted to one side and has difficulty turning the head.  Mr.Muniyasamy is doing kind of daily wages and he doesn’t have permanent earning source and mother was house wife. At the time parents were strongly believe that the disease will be curable without treatment because of they don’t have money to give proper treatment, so this child was growing with this disease and suffered a lot. 
When she went schooling, other children were making fun of her looking and disease always. Even though Poor family were not able to provide treatment.

Ekam’s Involvement

Ekam Foundation conducted a medical camp in Madurai, 10 years old Ramalakshmi , there Dr.Sailakshmi found her Ramalakshmi problem and referred her to Madurai Meenakshi Mission Hospital. As soon as  she has been admitted in the hospital and got treated. During the hospitalization she used to undergo one major surgery.  After 11 days of hospitalization she has got discharged.
During her hospitalization Ekam has supported all medical expenditure of this child.

Current Status

Now she is looking like a normal girl and living happy with her family.

Ekam Contact

Name                          : Mr.Radhakrishnan.
Designation                 : Divisional Manager.
Telephone Number       : 9345988299

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