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Success story
Nirmala Devi
Oct 2012

Nirmala Devi
13 years
Medical Problem
Kidney stone
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Case Background

Nirmala Devi is the 13 year old daughter of Mr.Arokiasamy and Mrs. Pothumponnu.  Arokiasamy is a lorry driver by profession and Pothumponnu is a housewife. Nirmala was suffering from stomach pain for a long time and when taken to a local private hospital, she was diagnosed with kidney stones.  Her parents could not afford the treatment cost and therefore approached Virudhunagar MLA, Mr.K.Pandia Rajan, for help.

Ekam’s Involvement

Mr. K.Pandia Rajan is one of Ekam’s trustees. Without delay, Nirmala Devi was referred to Vadamalayan Hospital in Madurai. She underwent a minor surgery during her ten days of hospitalization.  Ekam helped raise funds for the girl’s medication and hospitalization.

Current Status

Nirmala Devi is currently cured and is leading a healthy and happy life.

Ekam Contact

Name                          : Mr.S.Rajesh
Designation                 : Executive Secretary of Mr.K.Pandiarajan.
Telephone Number       : 8754431539

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