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Success story
Baby of Sundari
June 2010

Child of Sundari
3.5 years
Medical Problem
Breathing Problems

Case Background

Mrs. Sundari, wife of Mr.Arul Jyothi went into labor on the 22nd of May 2010 at a government healthcare center in Ponnur Village. However, she was unable to deliver the child despite the breaking of her water bag. She was first transported to Vandavasi Government Hospital and from there she was moved to the Chengalpet Government Hospital. Four hours later, Sundari delivered a beautiful girl child. Unfortunately, the child soon developed a breathing problem and had to be put under ventilation support. Arul Jyothi is a weaver and earns about Rs.2000 per month. This amount is barely enough to meet the needs of his four member family (2 children + his wife).

Ekam’s Involvement

Since Chengalpet Hospital did not have the necessary support system, the child was once again shifted to Child Trust Hospital in Chennai with the help of Ekam Foundation. Upon arrival, the baby was put under ventilator support and was treated appropriately. The baby received treatment for two weeks and the medical costs amounted to INR 1,23,489 (Rs. 91,191 Hospitalization charges + Rs. 32,298.50 medical charges). Child Trust Hospital, very generously, agreed to provide a 50% discount on the hospitalization charges. Therefore the total fund requirement of INR 77,894 was paid by Ekam Foundation.
Current Status

The child is now 3.5 years old. She is living a healthy and happy life with her family

Ekam Contact

Name                          : Dr.Sailakshmi
Designation                 : Director
Telephone Number     : 9003035307

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