Friday, 24 January 2014

Success story
Oct 2010

13 years
Medical Problem
Guillain Barre Syndrome

Case Background

Rekha is the daughter of Mrs. Ragunanthan and Mrs.Gowri. When she was 11 years old, Rekha acquired a viral fever and was admitted in the Institute of Child Health (ICH), Egmore. The doctors at ICH identified the medical condition as Guillian Barree Syndrome. It is a neurological problem which affects the entire of human nervous system and can sometimes lead to death. This disease is treatable only through an IVIG injection, which is a very costly drug and is sometimes not in stock at Government Hospitals. Rekha is from an underprivileged family and her parents were not able to afford IVIG from outside pharmaceutical stores. Rekha’s father works as a casual laborer and earns about INR 5000 a month.

Ekam’s Involvement

Dr.Seetha, who was treating the child, referred the case to Ekam Foundation. Ekam arranged for 45 grams of IVIG(costing around INR 72,000) to save the child’s life. We sincerely thank everyone who donated for saving Rekha’s life.

Current Status

Rekha is now living happily with her family.

Ekam Contact

Name                          : Mr.Charles Robin
Designation                 : Patient Welfare Officer.
Telephone Number       : 7299002848

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